Spray Can Filler Machine

spray can filler machine

Spray Can Filler Machine

The standard semi-automatic machine works with aluminum or tinplate cans 35-66 mm in diameter and 80-350 mm tall. It fits a variety of aerosol valves.

The rotary liquid filling head is equipped with 2 detectors to detect whether the entrance and exit are busy or empty, which increases efficiency and reduces breakdown. It also has a 108L hopper and vibrating sorter, and the protection function for air lack, cans block up, actuator not found etc.

Easy to Operate

A spray can filling machine is a very simple and convenient way to get liquids in the bottles. It uses a pneumatic control system which makes it easy to operate. The machine has a hopper for continuous filling and can positioner that can be adjusted to match different can diameters. It also has an adjustable spray can filler machine height filling head to fit various bottle heights. This allows for a more consistent and accurate filling. It is ideal for the daily chemical, pharmaceutical, and fire industries.

While deciding on a spray filling machine, make sure to consider the production rate of the machine. This is important because if your machine has a lower production rate, it will take longer to fulfill the demand of your customers. On the other hand, if your machine has an adequate production rate, it will help you increase your business profits and reach more customers in less time.

Another thing to keep in mind is the size of the nozzle in the machine. If the nozzle is too large, it may cause problems during the filling process. For example, it might contaminate the base of your bottles or cause some type of reaction in the chemicals. This is why it is important to choose a machine with a small nozzle size. Also, be sure to check for a nozzle made with high-quality materials.

Easy to Clean

If you are looking for an aerosol filling machine that is easy to clean, look no further than the spray can filler machine. This unique machine lets you easily convert your paints and finishes into aerosols, allowing you to create new avenues of income. It also saves time and energy by eliminating the need to manually pour paint into the can. It’s a must-have for paint stores and contractors.

The patented injection method lets you control the amount of paint to fill while avoiding labor-intensive cleanup. It’s also safe to use, ensuring that all the components are sealed in place. This is especially important for high-volume production.

It also prevents leaks by injecting the aerosol contents into the container at a precise pressure. This ensures that the can is completely filled without leaking and waste. It’s compact, making it easy to fit in a small workspace and requires minimal maintenance.

When shopping for a spray can filler machine, be sure to buy from the manufacturer directly rather than through a middleman. Buying from the factory allows you to avoid the additional costs of middlemen, which include infrastructure, personnel, transport equipment, storage facilities, and other fees. In addition, manufacturers generally offer lower prices than trading companies.

Easy to Maintain

If you need a spray can filler machine to convert your own paints and finishes into aerosols, then we can help. EZ Aerosol Fillings Systems are easy to use, clean and very affordable. These systems offer many new avenues of income to your shop, automotive detailers, small plant maintenance departments, car dealers and anywhere that touch-up or exact color matches are needed.

Using proven technologies like statistical sampling or 100%, non-destructive In-Process Weight Control you are assured of superior accuracy and repeatability. Our machines are configured to your specific needs, allowing you to maximize production while maintaining your quality requirements.

The system is designed to handle multiple material types and varying can sizes. It comes standard with a crimping and gas filling station, and can be expanded to include a liquid filling station for higher output if required. It is also equipped with a large glass ball storage hopper and a middle turntable that has holes to drop the glass balls. This ensures that the glass balls are dropped in a consistent manner, reducing the occurrence of misses and inconsistent operation.

The machine is safe to operate, and all the parts are pneumatically driven, making them safe for any operator. There are 2 detectors that are located ahead of the filling spray can filler machine heads, and if either of them is not active then the machine will stop working, eliminating any waste of raw materials and reducing downtime.


The spray can filler machine is used to make all sorts of liquid products like perfumes, body lotion & other cosmetics which are filled in the bottle and seal packed. It is also used for making aerosol spray paint, air fresheners, insecticides & other chemical products. This machine is very useful as it can perform many functions at the same time. This is a great advantage for the manufacturer as they can meet their production requirements with less effort.

The machine is highly customizable and designed to fit the needs of each customer. It can be fitted with the type of nozzle, pump and rotary sealing machine that best suits the viscosity of the product. In addition, the system can be equipped with other equipment such as a capper for classic caps and an automatic coding / marking systems.

Another benefit of the system is that it can accommodate a wide variety of viscosities, including foamy additives, windshield wiper fluid, brake fluid and heavy oils. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for automotive manufacturers and contract packagers.

This machine can also help with the packaging process by reducing labor costs and increasing output. It is also easy to set up and operate. It has a high level of automation and is easy to clean. It can even be sterilized for the production of medical and pharmaceutical products.

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